Best-Selling Consumer Fireworks

Updated: May 25, 2020

Choosing the fireworks to fill your tent with can be difficult. To help, we have compiled our top sellers.

500 Gram Cakes

Da Big Bomb Box

One of our best sellers, Da Big Bomb Box offers four different and amazing cakes per case. Each cake is a 36-shot destroyer with a 12-shot finale.

Atom Bomb: A big bad blast of crackling tails to red and crackling stars and green and blue bouquets.

Hydrogen Bomb: A mushroom cloud of colored mines to multi-colored spinners with reports.

Neutron Bomb: An explosion of comet and flashing tails to bouquets, stars and flying fish. A great finale of whistling tails to reports and crackling. Duration: 55 secs.

Cobalt Bomb: Saving the best for last with an array of whistling tails to palms with flashing and whistles.

High Falutin

High Falutin features impressive breaks and puts on a great display with a duration of 60 seconds. Effects include red, green or blue tails to red, green or blue bouquets, alternating silver, gold, or purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows or crackling. A crackling comet tail barrage is followed by a 14-shot finale of crackling tails to crackling flowers.

Mt Rushmore (Assorted)

Enjoy the expansive breaks from these majestic 9-shot cakes. Big, loud breaks with assorted effects from Sky Bacon. The patriotic packaging stands out on the shelf as a 4th of July must-have.

Hit the Road, Jack

It is time for lame fireworks to get packing. Hit the Road, Jack shows them up with a big display of red and silver tails to bouquets, blue tails to blue stars, green tails to red, blue, and silver glitter, gold tails to brocade, purple tails to delayed crackling, and whistling tails to crackling flowers.

Blond Joke

This is one outstanding cake. Alternating red crackling stars, green bouquet, crackling tails, and blue bouquets to crackling tails. 12 shot HUGE finale. One of our all-time best sellers! Duration: 45 secs. 4 pieces per case.

New packaging for Brothers Pyrotechnics 20th Anniversary.

Backyard King

Your neighbors cannot compete with the bright comets and colorful, loud breaks from Backyard King. A spectacular display that caps off a night of fireworks fun.

Pirate’s Cove

Set sail with these four pirate-themed cakes, including Black Beard’s Bounty, Calico Jack’s Journey, Captain Kidd’s Capture, and Henry Morgan’s Mayhem.

350 Gram Cakes


Each break from Gunslinger is a shotgun-blast of pyro intensity! Crackling tails lead to red and green palm tracer rounds shooting from the center of each crackling flowers break.

Irish Legend

This Irish Legend begins with 24 alternating shots of green glitter to purple stars, red, white and

blue glittering stars, and red and green bouquets with crackling. Ends with a six-shot finale.

Vegas at Night

Get the bright lights and loud noises of Vegas packed into one cake. Features a mix of purple palm with crackle, silver tail to silver cyclone, and silver screaming comet.


Varied effects include blue and purple stars and silver or green glitter with quickened silver swirling dragon tails, quickened whistling tails to silver glitter with gold flying fish, and blue stars with silver flying fish.

Matrix Pyro

This astonishing display produces a mix of 16 different red, green and blue shots that are sure to get the attention of the whole neighborhood.

Truck Stop Joe

A big-rig blast featuring gold palms to color tips and ti-crackling mixed with glittering willows and fan-firing crackle mine to color palms with crackle finale.

200 Gram Cakes

Bling Bling

A staff favorite, Bling Bling is one of the best multi-shot cakes in America. This cake tricks out the sky with green bling with purple stars, then red, blue and white bling to red and green bouquets with time-delay bling and crackling bling.

Angry Cowboy

This cowboy comes out shooting with brocade tails to brocade crown and color stars with crackle. A customer favorite at a great price point.

El Patron

This cartel of effects includes crackling tail to red, white and blue, whistling tail to orange and blue w/ gold glitter, and whirling tail to chrysanthemum.

Medal of Honor

Earn your stripes with these 16 shots of red and blue peony and silver glittering stars. Loud reports accompany each effect.

Magnificent Festival

One of Brothers most widely known fireworks. This classic cake shoots blue tails to multicolored bouquets with crackling. Ends with a 10-shot finale.

Instant Replay

A loud 12-shot from Brothers. Instant Replay has bright crackling tails to alternating red and green palms with delayed chrysanthemum. Similar to GM160 Firefly at a 200 gram price!

Neon World

Light up your world with combinations of red, green, blue, and yellow stars accompanied by silver, gold, and green glitter.


Mother of all Bombs

Nine shots of the mother of all fireworks effects - Nishiki Kamuro. Each of these towering breaks crumble into long-lingering gold strands with a color pistil.

Whacky Tobacky

Brothers signature nine-shot rack. Light the fuse and watch as big, loud willows with pink glittering pistil fills the sky. A best seller!

Double Down

Double Down on big color with orange, green and purple palm rings with red clubs. The packaging really stands out on the shelf.

Khaotic KaBoom

Khaotic KaBoom features BIG, LOUD shots. This one will match up against any other 9-shot, but at half the price! Its a no-brainer this year - buy Khaotic KaBoom.


Unstoppable breaks of golden coconut and red star with white glittering, accompanied by gold willow with blue star to crackling, brocade with red star and crackling rain pistil lead to a hard-hitting three-shot finale.

Yin Yang

A magical effect, each shot is half-and-half color-changing peonies with brocade rings!

Roman Candles

Firing Squad

Our biggest barrage. Get a staggering 210 shots of red, green, and white stars with crackling tail.

Roman Candle w/ Bang

Shoots color pearls with gold tail. Each shot ends with a loud report.

Pyramid Candle Pack

This package features 9 roman candles in a pyramid-shaped package; 2 candles with silver tails, 3 candles with alternating red and green crackle, and 4 candles with alternating red and green to report.

Fountains 500 Gram

Flame of Thrones

Unite the kingdoms with banners of blue, red, green, popcorn flowers, gold willow, and silver crackle!

Tailgate Party

Gather your friends around and let this fountain do the cooking. Things get hot with over a minute of colorful crackling fun. INTENSE FINALE!

Spartan Scream

Starting with a super loud scream, this fountain offers a full spectrum of performance including silver fountain, pine needles, strobes, spring flowers, whistles, various color of pearls and loud chrysanthemum!

Oversize Load

Oversize Load of white chrysanthemums with red stars, crackling with blue stars, silver crackling and silver chrysanthemum with green stars. Then green and red clubs, crackling flowers with yellow stars, silver crackling with red and green stars, and crackling flowers with red stars.

Fortune Soldier

One of Windas top-selling fountains. Puts on a long display of pine needles, crackle, whistles, chrysanthemums, and multicolor stars. Lasts over 2-1/2 minutes!

Jumboshell Fountain

This enormous shell puts on an amazing show with green, blue, yellow, and red stars, crackling, and chrysanthemums. A spectacular 2 minute fountain that we highly recommend.


Snow Cone

This summer treat features assorted color fish, spring flowers, multicolor pearls, and more! Lasts for 80 seconds.

Snow Cone, Jr.

Our most popular fountain has been miniaturized and is now available in a variety pack with a better price point. Great packaging and a great value! A Spirit of 76 exclusive item.